Sunday, 19 February 2012

Friday, 17 February 2012


...the order from SHQ has yet to arrive!

May be being a bit spoilt BUT!!

Latest shiney shiney is the Northstar 1672 range (ex Copplestone Castings) now available in units! Had a quick look at 'Under the Lilly Banners' rules at Hammerhead look good but a bit pricey, anybody got any sample army list? the figures come first!!

Anyway must go need to waste £25 on a unit I may never paint :)

Picture no.2

Like the Saladin!

Hammerhead 2012

Only took two pictures! Was a bit disappointed to be honest not as good as Partizan and still four quid too get in,

Did not buy anything! Trying to be strict!!!!!!

Saturday, 11 February 2012


Hobby purchases have been few and far between recently!

I am currently into Kampfgruppe Normandy and have started buying 20mm mid war Soviets (influenced by 'Johnny Red') so far I have a very nice T34 and an order has been sent off for some SHQ infantry.

My 28mm WW2 Soviets are coming along nicely my plan is to have a 'Rapid Fire' battalion with very few duplicate figures will hopefully pick up a few 'Crusader' Soviets tomorrow at Hammerhead. Also quite fancy some 20mm moderns!!!!

As for the Russo-Japan war I am still reading and intersted but do I REALLY want to start a new period?

And have you seen the new 'Perry' napoleonic Russian's?

Hammerhead tomorrow!

Weather permitting so expect some pics and me buying loads of random sci-fi stuff I will never ever use!

Off out in a bit to find Robert Bye!

More info soon....

Thursday, 2 February 2012

Johnny Red

Received the second volume of the 'Johnny Red' comic strip today!

Fantastic and has got me thinking about WW2 Russians again.