Friday, 20 January 2012

Getting quite excited

Started reading the osprey last night and it is very good, the illustrations are superb. Nipping to the library tomorrow for a book with a bit more depth. But this is a great primer definitely worth the money.

Looking for ward to payday and ordering some toys.


Sunday, 15 January 2012

Retreat? Hell!

Just watched 'Battle:Los Angeles' now lot's of ideas, let me see Elheim 20mm marines against what?

Who does 20mm aliens?

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Another idea..too many ideas!!!!!!!!!!

Crusader & Warlord miniatures? Too many ideas but?

Always a good starting point

Also fancy some Ebor Miniatures WW1 Belgians. Sculpted by Bob Naismith he designed the first plastic GW space marines when the world was young.

Latest temptations...

Was not going to buy this, but..

was in Chesterfield with my son and thought why not, well now I want....lot's of stuff!

First these look amazing Tsuba Miniatures (see link) 1904-05 Japanese infantry sculpted by the very talented and prolific Paul Hicks, I want some!

These are lovely and come pay day some samples will be winging there way to yours truly.

Mutineer Miniatures look good but I am not a big fan of Mike Owen's sculpting loved his early Artizan stuff chunkier but his latest is very good not just to my taste though eventually I am sure I will get his Alamo figures and the 'Kelly's Heroes' characters.

This was a very good issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy which is becoming in my view the best wargames magazine available.

See the title!

Have never finished anything!

I suppose I am more of a collector than a gamer and everytime I buy a wargames magazine something else grabs my attention for at least ten minutes!

I have though decided that I don't want to collect (or possibly paint) anything less than 20mm. My situation at the moment is that I do have some cash, not much but some, but I have no space and nowhere to paint. Also I collect lot's of stuff toy cars, hockey cards, comics etc etc. All of which may get mentioned on here.

Long term I fancy Napoleonics, I remember a long time ago (20 years!) a trader at Triples saying that Napoleonics in 25/28mm was dead! Well not true and long term and when I say long I mean loooong term I will be collecting Napoleonic toy soldiers, oh did I mention I only collect metal? Years ago I bought Games Workshop's first plastic orcs they painted up ok but! ? I am not sure just didn't like them. Have tried again and again but if I am going to collect anything then, might as well be metal.

This blog will be me changing my mind every day about what I am collecting and what I am not! Don't expect any great pictures, battle reports just me talking about toy soldiers and stuff!

Enjoy the ride...