Saturday, 8 September 2012


Is the format all cocked up?


...have been busy training for the Para10 which is tomorrow!! Ten miles in boots, army trousers and a 36lb bergen at Catterick camp. Must be mad!! Anyway have managed to restrict my last three months of hobby spending money to Samurai really want to collect a 2000pt army! If & when I paint it is another thing altogether. Derby Worlds soon at a new venue which I am looking forward too. cheers ps So far I have, Daimyo (mounted) Personal Standard (Samurai)(on foot) 18 x Samurai with yari 12 x Ashiguru (6 with bow, 6 with arquebus) 12 x Ashiguru (6 with bow, 6 with arquebus) 10 x Ashiguru skirmishers with bows 1 x Light cannon and crew

Thursday, 6 September 2012


Currently collecting a late wars Samurai army using 28mm Perry miniatures!