Saturday, 14 January 2012

Latest temptations...

Was not going to buy this, but..

was in Chesterfield with my son and thought why not, well now I want....lot's of stuff!

First these look amazing Tsuba Miniatures (see link) 1904-05 Japanese infantry sculpted by the very talented and prolific Paul Hicks, I want some!

These are lovely and come pay day some samples will be winging there way to yours truly.

Mutineer Miniatures look good but I am not a big fan of Mike Owen's sculpting loved his early Artizan stuff chunkier but his latest is very good not just to my taste though eventually I am sure I will get his Alamo figures and the 'Kelly's Heroes' characters.

This was a very good issue of Wargames Soldiers & Strategy which is becoming in my view the best wargames magazine available.

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  1. Hello! Saw you joined my blog - thanks for that! I appreciate your interest. BTW, I have some Old Glory Japanese painted up for RJW or Boxer Reb in the older blue uniforms. These new ones by Paul Hicks look superb. Best, Dean