Saturday, 14 January 2012

See the title!

Have never finished anything!

I suppose I am more of a collector than a gamer and everytime I buy a wargames magazine something else grabs my attention for at least ten minutes!

I have though decided that I don't want to collect (or possibly paint) anything less than 20mm. My situation at the moment is that I do have some cash, not much but some, but I have no space and nowhere to paint. Also I collect lot's of stuff toy cars, hockey cards, comics etc etc. All of which may get mentioned on here.

Long term I fancy Napoleonics, I remember a long time ago (20 years!) a trader at Triples saying that Napoleonics in 25/28mm was dead! Well not true and long term and when I say long I mean loooong term I will be collecting Napoleonic toy soldiers, oh did I mention I only collect metal? Years ago I bought Games Workshop's first plastic orcs they painted up ok but! ? I am not sure just didn't like them. Have tried again and again but if I am going to collect anything then, might as well be metal.

This blog will be me changing my mind every day about what I am collecting and what I am not! Don't expect any great pictures, battle reports just me talking about toy soldiers and stuff!

Enjoy the ride...

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